Mark- My neighbor and I have just restored a Westerly Centura and had our inaugural sail of 18+ miles last during the storm. It was a worthy shakedown cruise on the Chesapeake, with 18k winds and 3 to 4 foot chop. I was glad the boat was built to take these conditions and she performed well in adverse weather! It was not a trip for the faint of heart, especially when the engine overheated at a critical moment!

I am going to attach some before and after pictures of the boat for your viewing. The ones that are titled NEW show the boat after restoration, the other two show the boat prior to restoration. The boat was abandoned in Arnold Md. on the Magathy and needed attention to the basics and a lot of TLC. We used a mixture of professional and our own labor to restore the 1974 Centura. We had the boat dry docked at Ferry Point Marina on the Magathoy since late August. Sunday we sailed to the season marina slip at Hammock Island on Bodkin Creek ( a wonderful place)   There is another Westerly at that marina but I have not met the owner.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. I have others. Write me if you need
more info. Best regards- Larry Lauer