New Portholes

A couple of years ago I removed the old portlights and had new lexan cut to replace the badly fogged 'glass'.

In removing the aluminum frames they got slight bent and I never really got them as flat as they were. I also could not get the correct gasket to seat the lexan and tried the trick of seating them in sealant.

All in all things were quite a bit better but never terribly watertight. I've put off doing any other interior work till I could get the leaks eliminated.

I could not find portholes that matched the original size and shape. So, I looked for something just a bit bigger so I could just enlarge the openings and install. But the only things I could find that asize were stainless or bronze. The cost was prohibitive.

I found nice opening Beckson portholes with screens that were reasonable to start with and on sale...




They were more square in shape and a bit less wide than the original portlights though.

So I decided to fiberglass over the old openings and then cut new holes for the new ports.

I could have just glassed mostly on the sides of the existing opening to narrow the width of the opening but decided to test for future info and see if I could do a good enough job to make the cabin side solid and eliminate any hint the portlights had been there.


Here you can see I was part way through fairing. I painted the area white to better see how fair it was.


When glassing over the hole I did just a couple of layers over the entire hole to see how fair I could get it for experience / future glass projects, then concentrated on building up just the part that would not be cut back out.


I drilled 4 pilot holes,  one in each corner of the planned new opening so I could hang the trim ring inside and out to check alignment. It would be easy to fill one of these and try again if necessary.


I was happy though and proceeded to cut out the whole opening as on the left.

Here they are test fitted.

The blue tape is there 'cause I had planned to paint the white deck area. That got put off though.


The end result. Oh, by the way, THEY DON"T LEAK!