Mayol, Dahlgren Magnus' Westerly Cirrus

Mark, Thank you for your efforts with your Westerly web site. I enclose a few pictures of my Westerly Cirrus that you may publish on the site if you please. This is my story: ---

Last summer I grew tired of not having a decent boat of my own. I found an advert for a Westerly Cirrus 22' sailing boat on the web and mailed the owner and arranged a meeting. When I saw the boat it was love at first sight. Although no more than 22 feet long, she felt like a proper little ship with four berths, circular portholes and an inboard engine. I've named her S/Y Mayol after the hero in Luc Besson's The Big Blue, although a bit concerned she might reunite with the sea in the end.

My first season with Mayol was however a bit of a disappointment as I had a lot of problems with the Vire 7 engine. After a few days of dead calm I was ready to rip the engine out and replace it with an outboard. However, some web surfing during the winter told me that my problems originated from a blocked exhaust. This was easily fixed in the spring by replacing a flexible portion of the exhaust line, and the engine has not given me any problem since, despite being 34 years old. This season I have not been sailing a lot yet, why the enclosed pictures were taken last summer. Cheers!

Mayol and I


Mayol in Fjällbaka on the Swedish westcoast


Mayol by night


A calm evening in the Bohuslän archipelago


The cabin through the companion-way