Craig Anderson's SHOREBIRD II of Stonington
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I have enclosed some pictures of my boat, SHOREBIRD II of Stonington, a 1971 Westerly Warwick (hull number P-69) that I keep in Escanaba, Michigan near our summer cottage. This is the 10th sailboat that I have owned over the last 45 years, and my second twin keeler (my first was a Vivacity 20). She is a great little boat.

I have done a number of upgrades including: treating the bottom with an epoxy barrier paint; resurfacing the decks with Treadmaster non-skid; adding an autopilot (one of the best additions for any singlehander), a depth sounder and knotmeter, a new compass, and Nicro vent on forward hatch; covering the bulkheads with wood; installing new brass light fixtures and a second battery; adding a teak grate for the cockpit sole; replacing the hull liner with indoor/outdoor carpet; adding new grab rails on coach house, new running rigging, jacklines, lazy jacks, and boom vang; replacing the old running lights with new; adding various racks for dishes, flatware, tools and flashlights, magazines, and books and a medicine chest in heads area; purchasing a self-inflating life raft for safety; running motor controls to the cockpit; etc. etc. I still have a list of projects ti) do on the boat when time permits.

I singlehand SHOREBIRD II most of the time, although I do enjoy sailing with friends and with our granddaughter Stephanie who we are raising.

Sincerely yours,
Craig Anderson

ShoreBird-II-pic5-small.jpg (46299 bytes)

Port side of SHOREBIRD's main cabin.

ShoreBird-II-pic6-small.jpg (26029 bytes)

Starboard side of main cabin.

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Looking aft from cabin.

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"SHOREBIRD II of Stonington", a Westerly Warwick owned by Craig and Dotty Anderson of Chicago, Illinois, under sail in Green Bay near Washington Island, Wisconsin.

ShoreBird-II-pic2-small.jpg (37691 bytes)

"SHOREBIRD H" at her mooring in the marina at Eseanaba, Michigan.

ShoreBird-II-pic3-small.jpg (35569 bytes)

Here she is with her deck newly covered with Treadmaster.

ShoreBird-II-pic4-small.jpg (46499 bytes)

SHOREBIRD II's aft end with her Evinrude 9.9 hp kicker at the dock in Fayette, Michigan

(Webmaster's note: Craig also contributed the Warwick brochure over in the Library section. Thanks Craig)