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Mark Matarella
s/v Toyot
Alexandria, Virginia

Tips and Techniques for repair, maintenance, and upgrades..

Some narratives on the ongoing restoration of your Webmaster's 1969 Cirrus, TOYOT.

Two drawings from Scott Keyes of SV Desiderta on removing and replacing the waer tanks in the Centaur and Pembroke.
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drawing 1....  drawing 2

For Westerly owners in the USA, Bill found the USA source for Gebo Portlights and parts such as gaskets for older ports.

Gebo North America Inc.
58 Fore Street
Portland Maine
tel. 207 772 3633
contact: Doug Theobalds

Bill    (Atlanta)
Westerly 39

Subject: My Overhead Solution
Author: The Westerly List <>
Date: 19-01-99 11:11 AM

I now have the picture if the overhead solution I installed on my Westerly Longbow. The glued in interior had come unglued. I made stringers, on 19" centers. They are 3/4 x 34 and fiberglassed to the underside of the cabin roof. I made panels of water resistant panels used in baths and other damp areas. I stayed away form the marine stores.

I then made Mahogany strips which are about 2" x 3/16. This gave a conventional look. I also used a similar technology. for the v-berth, but used a white formica material.

Bob McWhorter
Westerly Longbow (Walkabout) Hull #12 '1972'
St. Petersburg, Florida
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