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Mark Matarella
s/v Toyot
Alexandria, Virginia


All 'decked' out for Christmas

Video of s/v Toyot's 2007 Light Display

What's not evident from still photos is that the lighting is animated so the colors sweep or scroll up and down the sails in various patterns. To really appreciate it look at the video above.

Yours truly and Toyot...

And a few stills at different times in the display.


Some of my videos over on YouTube

s/v Toyot's current Christmas display of lights

Toyot's original animated Christmas display

Coverage of the Alexandria Christmas Parade of Lights with a short interview of me and a mention of me winning best in Parade!

The Gaffney's come sailing...


My sail down to see the Tall Ship Gloria from Columbia. She was anchored off Mt Vernon...


Toyot's 2007 trip in the travel lift after haulout for bottom paint and some odds and ends

July 28th video of a sail I took with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Sil, and Mom.

Pop & I sailing



How did I make that Christmas Display?

Well, I didn't save any pictures of when I made the original 'net' sails. They are basically copies of my sails I made several years ago from a plastic garden fencing, a lot like the orange snow fence they use around highways, except in a dark green. It came in a 4 foot by 100 foot roll. So each sail of approximately 8 x 25 feet is made of two pieces of that fastened together with hundreds of wire tires, and the edge reinforced with line. They are raised the same way as the normal sails with the halyards.

In 2005 I stripped off all the miniature lights which proved fragile and troublesome and replaced them with larger C7 bulbs. Got a nice reel of 1000' feet of 18 gauge wire with a C7 socket every 12 inches. 

The C7's have several advantages, one is that since they are wired in parallel you can cut the runs to any length. They screw in so they don't fall out as did the miniatures in high winds when the 'sails' would whip around. And even if a C7 breaks or somehow comes out the rest of the string will stay lit, again unlike the miniature lights.

Dad spent lots of hours helping with the redo again. Thanks Pop!
I also need to thank Steve, Jerry, Larry and Dale for various help over the years

The display is controlled from a PC running below deck. The PC has a digital I/O card in it that provides 48 software controlled 5 volt outputs. This card's ribbon cable is broken out to a series of RJ45's on the box up in the bow, each low voltage cable carries a ground and 5 switched 5 volt outputs. Then up to 10 of these low voltage cables each run to one of the high voltage control boxes on the left. These PC power centers we (Dad & I) disassembled and we added 5 solid state relays to each. They were a handy case to build the control relays into, had breakers etc. already in place

The software looks like a spreadsheet. Basically the columns are time increments and each row represents on control channel. Fill in the right squares and you've got a show!

There is of course more to it than that. Since I don't have a extension cord a few miles long I need a generator to run this 'at sea'. And... The PC doesn't like the dirty power coming out of the generator so there's also a inverter on my boats' house battery bank and the PC runs from that, while a charger for the battery banks feeds them from the generator.  


s/v Toyot
My Westerly Cirrus

click photo for enlarged view

Toyot, my 1969 Westerly Cirrus. Sail #222 Hull #9674

Some narratives on the ongoing restoration of your Webmaster's 1969 Cirrus, TOYOT.

  • New Portholes: Removed old leaking portlights, glassed over old openings and installed new opening portholes with screens.

  • Building a new companionway sliding hatch

  • Bottom job with blister work. Hull fairing and painting with prep, how to roll and tip a paint job that looks sprayed. Mast and boom painting. Part 1, Part 2's 'normal' content and links...

Westerly Overview - Gerard Versluis contributed the great list of all the Westerly's built from day one through a few years ago.

Tech Talk - - - - - other folk's restorations, projects and how to information...

The Email List page contains directions on how to join, use, and leave the Westerly Email list

Owners & Their Boats

I'll be glad to link to your page with photos of your boat, or email me photos and a description and I'll post them here.
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Pop and I on Toyot on the way out of Washington Sailing Marina...

A shot of my new Mainsail, with the Dutchman system. I also added a 55% genoa and CDI roller furling.

Toyot tied up in Oldtown Alexandria, Virginia

My Previous Christmas displays on Toyot


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